When you buy Anamalz you are guaranteed a product manufactured to the highest European and US standards using renewable resources, non-toxic glues and paints. Anamalz not only look after our children, but look after the environment too.

Designed in Australia, Anamalz is brought to life through imagination, creativity and a belief in environmentally friendly products.

A percentage of your purchase contributes to local wildlife funds. Anamalz looks after animals!

Anamalz Crocodile
Anamalz Crocodile $10.90 (incl GST)
Anamalz Gorilla
Anamalz Gorilla $10.90 (incl GST)
Anamalz Panda Bear
Anamalz Panda Bear $10.90 (incl GST)
Anamalz Ram
Anamalz Ram $10.90 (incl GST)
Anamalz Sheep
Anamalz Sheep $10.90 (incl GST)
Anamalz Zebra
Anamalz Zebra $10.90 (incl GST)