Arks & Animals

Wooden Animals & Noah’s Ark toys have been popular for hundreds of years and will inspire many hours of imaginative play for your child.

These beautiful wooden animals & arks will become firm family favourites.

Le Toy Van Timber Town Blocks $46.90 (incl GST)
Anamalz Panda Bear
Anamalz Panda Bear $10.90 (incl GST)
Anamalz Ram
Anamalz Ram $10.90 (incl GST)
Anamalz Sheep
Anamalz Sheep $10.90 (incl GST)
Goki Farm Animals
Goki Farm Animals (12 Pcs) $49.95 (incl GST) Out of stock!
Hape Brontosaurus Mosaic Set $18.90 (incl GST) Out of stock!
Le Toy Van Le Petit Ark
Le Toy Van Le Petit Ark With 16 Wooden Animals $48.90 (incl GST) Out of stock!
Le Toy Van Noah's Ark Shape Sorter
Le Toy Van Noah's Shape Sorter (With 14 Animals) $52.90 (incl GST) Out of stock!