Train Sets & Accessories

Wooden Train Sets offer unbeatable and enduring play value for your child.

Why not extend your Wooden Train Set with additional track, buildings, level crossings, engine sheds, bridges and more.

For those who love Thomas the Tank Engine, our collection of beautifully made Wooden Train Sets are fully compatible with wooden Thomas & Brio engines and track. 




Big Jigs Dinosaur Train $32.90 (incl GST)
Big Jigs Farmyard Crossing
Big Jigs Farmyard Crossing $64.95 (incl GST)
Big Jigs Bigjigosaurus Dino Crane $42.90 (incl GST) Out of stock!
Big Jigs Bullet Train
Big Jigs Bullet Train $29.95 (incl GST)
Big Jigs Grand Central Station
Big Jigs Grand Central Station $149.90 (incl GST)
Big Jigs My First Train Set (20 Pcs) $40.90 (incl GST) Out of stock!
Big Jigs Red Barn $42.90 (incl GST)
Big Jigs T Junction
Big Jigs T Junction (2 Pcs) $13.95 (incl GST)
Big Jigs T-Rex Tunnel $32.90 (incl GST)