Hape Steam-era Passenger Train Set

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Hape Steam-era Passenger Train Set

It's morning and time for everyone to get to work! Push your steam-era locomotive and its bright red carriages down the track to make sure everybody gets to the office on time!

  1. Connect the engine to the carriages by linking the magnets on each unit.
  2. Push the train along the track and imagine you’re dropping people off at work.

All of the Big Jigs and Hape rail track, trains, buildings and accessories we stock are scaled to complement one another so you can keep adding to your collection knowing everything will work together.

Our rail collection is also fully compatible with other wooden engines and track brands, such as Thomas & BRIO

Suggested Age: Children 3+

About the Brand: Hape Toys is one of the world’s largest producers of toys made from sustainable materials. Hape toys are both creatively designed and eco-friendly.