Wonderworld Wonder Trix Track - Safari Track

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Wonderworld Wonder Trix Track - Safari Track

Creative Gravity Play!

The Trix Track Safari Track is more than a classic wooden ball run -  with fun and exciting eye-catching tricks and an easy locking system that keeps your creations stable while you build your maze.

Combine with other Trix Track sets to create even larger tracks, more trix and endless fun! With your child's imagination there are endless configuration possibilities

With specially designed bricks that are made from a combination of eco friendly recycled saw dust and food grade plastic so it is safe, durable and good for the environment.

Suggested Age: Children 3 years +

About the brand:

  • Wonderworld pride themselves on creating beautiful wooden toys that bring both enjoyment and learning experiences to children from birth to 5 years of age. 

  • Wonderworld wooden toys are made from replenishable rubberwood and are compliant with both EU and US safety standards, which form the basis of all international toy safety standards. 

  • Research and development play important roles in the Wonderworld design process and this ensures that only the best reaches your children. 

  • Importantly, for every tree that is used to make wooden toys, two trees are re-planted.  So, with every Wonderworld toy that you buy, you are directly contributing to CO2 reduction. 

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